Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Another Mom and Dad Moment (via crochet)

[I love family moments don't you? I mean just the happy ones. Drama seems great on TV, but in real life? bleh. But the HAPPY stuff, that's golden. Then add crochet to the mix. Yup, you guessed it. A nirvana of yarn, sappy, cheerful memories, and hopefully good food.]

Mom and Dad?
I'm glad.
Glad for peanut butter.
And chocolate.
And bagels and rice.
Glad for yummies
and goodies
and everything nice.
Glad for my blanket
On a cold freezing night.
Glad for popcorn,
and scary movies,
and my night light.
Glad for sunny days,
And snow days,
vacation days
and summer.
Glad for no school on weekends,
'cause that'd be a bummer.
Glad for you and sis
And auntie and sal.
Glad for my buddy,
My friends,
And the occasional pal.
Glad from here to there
And over and above.
Glad that each day
Is filled with so much love.

[Did I go too sappy? I usually do? I'm thinking about working on my turtle pattern this year, maybe offering it on my Ravelry page. If you'd be interested in that, let me know. 
I'm just a click away @ Facebook]

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