Friday, July 22, 2016

An Angry Bug Picnic

[I crocheted the angry bug king while watching my sister's two kids over a week one summer. I had my kids with me too and it was just me and four kids in one house for a week.... it was pretty ok, albeit frightening. Mad props to the parents out there that have 4 kids, I couldn't' do it. Anyway. I would spend my nights watching tv shows on my tablet and crocheting and the crochet angry bug king seemed very in keeping with the spirit of what I was doing. Kids are intermittently angry little people so there you go, the angry bug king is a child at heart.] 

There are two things I hate.
Missing school and being late.
I'll run and sprint and crawl through mud,
But I won't be late. 
Not this bug.
I'll fly to catch the bus,
And when it passes, 
Kick up a fuss.
"Come and get me!" I'll yell,
Before running for school, before the first bell.
No one likes lateness
Or sloppy or rude,
You can't go to school in the nude.
Dress nice, act kind, and always always 
Give back what you find.

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