Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Crochet Turtle Says What?

[Fun fact, I really like turtles. They're all hard and impenetrable from the outside, but they have this soft delicate inside. And they're prehistoric, like alligators, and well, seriously... they have a shell. I don't think I need to say more than that. Now, crochet turtles. Totally different breed, the philosophy is different, they're attitude is different, and they come in any color! It's the whole package.]

A little one goes on and on
About the food they'll eat.
But us grown-ups know a different tune,
It's 'oh no! I can't see my feet.'
The shell covers them you see?
Or I guess I don't, tee hee.
And soon enough,
Yours will go
Away with all the rest,
And you'll be wondering
What they look like now
And trying to see them past your chest.

My advice? the turtle said, when asked about his age.
Don't ask a turtle such a thing, it fills us with rage.
So many years and we're all tapped out.
Walking all the time. 
And all I got was across this room,
Along a wavy line. 

Turtles don't like cheese,
It's gross and doesn't please.
It has a smell that isn't nice.
And it attracts foul creatures.
Like mice.
Give me fruit, delicious and sweet
Or perhaps a small piece of meat.
A little fishy or a bit of worm
Would be just the best kind of treat.

[I might have to have another go at this another time. Maybe a new turtle. What colors would you like to see in my next turtle? Let me know by posting on my Facebook page. See you later!]

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