Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Buzzing About

[Summer. What happens in summer? Let's see, it gets a bit warmer, the sun shines longer, the birds chirp happily, and the crochet bees come out. Like a happy buzzing in your ear. Terrifying! Absolutely, but you know, what's summer fun without a little terror. Oh yeah, and some crocheting.]

I may be just a bee,
But don't worry about me.

I've got this stinger you see?
And a spirit that's free.

So you go on playing away.
I'll just stay.

And if you fall on me. Ok
Maybe you'll be meeting my stinger today.

Or maybe I'll buzz your hair,
Just 'cause it's there.

And chase you little kiddos around.
Until they fall down.

Because i'm a bee.
We do that you see?

And we're wild as can be.
So don't be messing with me.

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