Friday, July 29, 2016

Extended Double Crochet

Extended Double Crochet

[Extended stitches are just that, they add one additional stitch of height. And when completed, they look like there is a row of single crochet followed by a double crochet stitch. as comparison here's a double crochet and extended double crochet stitch together.]

[See the row of what looks like single crochet at the bottom of each extended double crochet stitch? That's what we're achieving in this stitch.]

1. Chain 10 

2. Yarn over, insert hook in third chain from hook, pull up a loop.

3. Yarn over, pull through first loop. (This forms the extended stitch)

4. Yarn over, pull through next two loops.

5. Yarn over, pull through final two loops.

6. Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch, pull up a loop.

7. Repeat steps 3 through 5.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until end of row. Chain 3, turn to crochet next row.

[Try it out and let me know what you think! Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter
And if you like what you see, check out some of my patterns:

Calling all Heroes!

[Ok, I really love the Olympics. It's fun, it's exciting, it's enthralling. It makes you hope and wish for success and think for a split second, that it could be you or your kids or someone you know and it makes it that more exciting. Now obviously, this year has a fair share of controversy and I really hope it all moves forward and that not too many people get sick or injured because that would be really terrible. but these people wait four years to go, so I understand why they aren't hanging it up, they're going anyway. And that's just as brave right? So yeah, I'm watching.]

I'm headed down south.
Down south don't you know.
Gonna head to the Olympics.
Down in Rio.
I've got my bags all packed.
My tickets locked down.
I'm gonna run outside,
Gonna run to town.
There's a bus you see.
Waiting on me.
Gonna take me down south.
South a long ways
Down where the athletes work,
And the heroes play.
Down to the Olympics
And the sizzling sun.
Down where the game isn't over
Till the last person's done.

[Crochet kitty says he's going. And he's taking amigurumi kitten which is just adorable. I'm going to watch from home because I'm not an Olympic athlete. i'm actually slightly more lazy than that. But hey, if youa re there. I'd love to see pics so post them to my Facebook or Twitter and share the fun and excitement.]

Thursday, July 28, 2016

I'm Dunkin' My Doughnut

[I really like a cake doughnut. I especially like blueberry doughnut holes. I completely admit to being very partial to those little gems of sugary goodness. There is also this place near my office that makes doughnuts on demand and then adds all these wonderful toppings like raspberry and chocolate chips. It's wondrous. Far be it for me to think that my crochet amigurumi friends aren't equally enthralled by the sweet cakes that we affectionately refer to as doughnuts.]

The smooth pulse of my heart,
So quiet all day.
Now jumps forth! Ready to play.
The beat so loud,
Like the thunder of a cloud.
Screams its pleasure at the sweet endeavor.
A few quick bites,
Incites these fights
Between the urge to run,
And the need to be undone.
Asleep on a bench,
My belt too cinched,
My need for sweets,
Only shortly quenched. 

[And that was just this morning! Add coffee and you've got a whole day of jumping and then a magnificent crash onto the couch for a long awaited nap that lasts so long your annoyed you wasted the whole day. Yup, totally worth it. See you on twitter (cbkarin) and Facebook and have a great days guys.]

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Climbing High with Crochet Gnomes.

[A crochet gnome by another name is just an elf]

On a warm summer day
On a cold winter night.
In the darkness of day.
In the daylight so bright.
I will climb ever higher,
I will scale ever more.
I will laugh even harder,
When I can't unlock the door.
I will curse pretty loudly,
I will stumble and fall.
I will rue the day.
I will cry like a doll.
I will get up from the floor.
And straighten my clothes.
I will set my jaw
And punch a few holes.
Because a door is just a door
And a challenge is just that
So let's get through his together.
So there. That's that. 

[Wednesday's are rough. I'm thinking a little amigurumi, a little poetry, maybe a splinter a humor, is just what you (mostly me) needs to hit the ground running. Say HI!! On Facebook if you get a chance and have a lovely Wednesday.]

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Buzzing About

[Summer. What happens in summer? Let's see, it gets a bit warmer, the sun shines longer, the birds chirp happily, and the crochet bees come out. Like a happy buzzing in your ear. Terrifying! Absolutely, but you know, what's summer fun without a little terror. Oh yeah, and some crocheting.]

I may be just a bee,
But don't worry about me.

I've got this stinger you see?
And a spirit that's free.

So you go on playing away.
I'll just stay.

And if you fall on me. Ok
Maybe you'll be meeting my stinger today.

Or maybe I'll buzz your hair,
Just 'cause it's there.

And chase you little kiddos around.
Until they fall down.

Because i'm a bee.
We do that you see?

And we're wild as can be.
So don't be messing with me.

Monday, July 25, 2016

It's Cloudy

[I can't believe how long ago I made the blue dragon. I still haven't given him arms, he deserves arms. But that's how WIPs go, you get 90% into a project and then you just finish. Sigh. But don't worry, eventually he will have arms (=P). So crochet dragon meets amigurumi turkey, they're both just relaxing, having a day. Sounds like a normal Monday right?]

The sunrise so beautiful,
The wind so calm.
The smell of grass.
The happy of dawn.

Dawn turns to morning
And the happiness fades.
So much work to be done
Beds to be made.

And there's lunch.
With food so good.
It's usually nice
Unless the kids are rude.

And on to dinner
A welcome sight
A starter to the fun,
That only happens at night.

And around and round
Again and again.
We continue on
Me and you my friend.

[Too sappy? maybe a little. But it's Monday, a little sappy is good because it's five long days till Friday. The fall is coming up. I'll be posting my crochet turkey pattern some time at the end of August so keep a look out on the Crochet By Karin Etsy page.]

Friday, July 22, 2016

An Angry Bug Picnic

[I crocheted the angry bug king while watching my sister's two kids over a week one summer. I had my kids with me too and it was just me and four kids in one house for a week.... it was pretty ok, albeit frightening. Mad props to the parents out there that have 4 kids, I couldn't' do it. Anyway. I would spend my nights watching tv shows on my tablet and crocheting and the crochet angry bug king seemed very in keeping with the spirit of what I was doing. Kids are intermittently angry little people so there you go, the angry bug king is a child at heart.] 

There are two things I hate.
Missing school and being late.
I'll run and sprint and crawl through mud,
But I won't be late. 
Not this bug.
I'll fly to catch the bus,
And when it passes, 
Kick up a fuss.
"Come and get me!" I'll yell,
Before running for school, before the first bell.
No one likes lateness
Or sloppy or rude,
You can't go to school in the nude.
Dress nice, act kind, and always always 
Give back what you find.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Crochet Turtle Says What?

[Fun fact, I really like turtles. They're all hard and impenetrable from the outside, but they have this soft delicate inside. And they're prehistoric, like alligators, and well, seriously... they have a shell. I don't think I need to say more than that. Now, crochet turtles. Totally different breed, the philosophy is different, they're attitude is different, and they come in any color! It's the whole package.]

A little one goes on and on
About the food they'll eat.
But us grown-ups know a different tune,
It's 'oh no! I can't see my feet.'
The shell covers them you see?
Or I guess I don't, tee hee.
And soon enough,
Yours will go
Away with all the rest,
And you'll be wondering
What they look like now
And trying to see them past your chest.

My advice? the turtle said, when asked about his age.
Don't ask a turtle such a thing, it fills us with rage.
So many years and we're all tapped out.
Walking all the time. 
And all I got was across this room,
Along a wavy line. 

Turtles don't like cheese,
It's gross and doesn't please.
It has a smell that isn't nice.
And it attracts foul creatures.
Like mice.
Give me fruit, delicious and sweet
Or perhaps a small piece of meat.
A little fishy or a bit of worm
Would be just the best kind of treat.

[I might have to have another go at this another time. Maybe a new turtle. What colors would you like to see in my next turtle? Let me know by posting on my Facebook page. See you later!]

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Another Mom and Dad Moment (via crochet)

[I love family moments don't you? I mean just the happy ones. Drama seems great on TV, but in real life? bleh. But the HAPPY stuff, that's golden. Then add crochet to the mix. Yup, you guessed it. A nirvana of yarn, sappy, cheerful memories, and hopefully good food.]

Mom and Dad?
I'm glad.
Glad for peanut butter.
And chocolate.
And bagels and rice.
Glad for yummies
and goodies
and everything nice.
Glad for my blanket
On a cold freezing night.
Glad for popcorn,
and scary movies,
and my night light.
Glad for sunny days,
And snow days,
vacation days
and summer.
Glad for no school on weekends,
'cause that'd be a bummer.
Glad for you and sis
And auntie and sal.
Glad for my buddy,
My friends,
And the occasional pal.
Glad from here to there
And over and above.
Glad that each day
Is filled with so much love.

[Did I go too sappy? I usually do? I'm thinking about working on my turtle pattern this year, maybe offering it on my Ravelry page. If you'd be interested in that, let me know. 
I'm just a click away @ Facebook]

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Crochet Elves Aren't Too Angry

I was thinking today, is a crochet elf an angry kind of person? Maybe yes, maybe no. But put a crochet elf and amigurumi gnome together and WHO KNOWS what will happen. I'm not suggesting fireworks (or am I??), but there's a level of unpredictability there.

I walk. 
He walks. 
I shimmy,
He slides.
I laugh,
He chortles.
I run,
He flies.
I go half way,
He finishes twice,
I say something mean.
He says something nice.
I go to the left,
He runs in a circle.
I let out a bellow.
He lets out a girgle.
Why can't I something,
Why can't he too.
Why can't we stop.
And be just one and two.
One of the other.
And two of the same.
Or three, something different.
But not something lame.

You like? Maybe you want the pattern for my gnome or elf? All you have to do is ask - see my Facebook page and become part of the fun. #cbkarin 

Monday, July 18, 2016

That's a Wrap

At the end of a trip.
I like to sit.

No running around. 
The drum of talking, the only sound.
No meetings running into the night.
No reports to write.
All nonsense out of sight.

At the end of a trip
I like to sit.

No networking.
My tech not working.
Car broken down.
Where are the stations in this town.

At the end of a trip
I like to sit.

An upgrade to business class,
Orange juice in a real glass.
An outlet at your seat,
So neat.

At the end of a trip
I like to sit.

A million and one poems, all fun. Pick from the list on the left, or how about these (maybe the best):

Monday, July 11, 2016

Free Crochet Amigurumi Baby Lizard Pattern

Hi Guys! I have little something fun planned for you this week. I'm headed out of town and will be posting pics of my little crochet friends along the way. Check my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to catch them all for a chance to win this little one's big big brother! Just email me at with you list of sightings for a chance to win!

And for those crocheters reading along, click the photo above to download the FREE pattern for this little guy. Anyone who makes a baby lizard of their own and posts a picture to my Facebook page will be given the pattern for his big brother for FREE! HAPPY July! 

Friday, July 8, 2016

A Friday Frenzy

I've got my dance shoes on.
I've got my dress on straight.
I've got my hair all brushed.
Now I'm just waiting for a date.

Someone ready for fun.
Someone who gets things done.

A little silly yet kind,
Someone who speaks their mind.

I've got the restaurant reserved.
I've got my meal picked out.
I'm headed out to dinner.
To learn what that someone's all about.

But they better not be late.
I won't wait.

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Yes baby?

I want to eat walnuts.
And honey
With syrup
And gummies.

I want to eat broccoli
With chocolate,
And sprinkles,
A lot of it.

I want to eat banana,
Baked twice,
With ice cream
So nice.

I want asparagus,
And green beans,
with lemon butter sauce
So clean.

I want to eat healthy,
And bad.
I want to mix it up 
And go mad.

A little greens
With my sweets.
A little healthy,
With a treat.

I want to make green food
A dessert
I want to make veggies
An extrovert.

I want so many things!

I know honey, 
But please eat your green beans.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hoppy Wednesday

It's a bit humid outside,
And I'm not feeling fine,
And everywhere I go,
There's a 10 person line.

My shirt is inside out,
My socks don't match,
I can't find my phone,
And I have an itch I can't scratch!
(it's right behind my knee)

My coffee is cold,
My lunch is at home,
There aren't any snacks,
And I'm here all alone.

But I'm climbing that hill,
One step at a time,
I'm reheating my coffee,
I'm waiting in line.

I'm ordering in,
And fixing my shirt,
I'm remembering life's to short,
To stand around kicking dirt. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Another Day Out Riding

Ah, my friends.
So good to see,
You coming by
To visit me.

I've been out and about
Seeing the sights.
Playing games and
Flying kites.

And now you're here,
So the fun can begin.
If you're super nice,
I'll let you win.

Ah, I know.
It's a game of chance,
But alas I'm sneaky,
I'll make those cards dance!

Celebrate with me,
Don't run or flee.
It's time for fun.
To let loose and be free.

A little wind in the hair,
Sunning kissing your skin.
Laughter a plenty.
Where have you been.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy 4th of July

Ok kids, here's the deal.
This weekends a long one,
And really real.
You need to where colors,
Red, White, and Blue.
And celebrate with us,
You and your siblings too.
Come out and celebrate,
Sing a song or two.
Let's get out and celebrate,
Red, White, and Blue.

[And happy weekend to all of my non-us viewers as well! 
Have a great day and hopefully lots fun crocheting!]
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