Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Friends in Crochet Summer

Listen, I'm not one to talk. But when you ask for ice cream, I balk. I mean, it's so cold! Hasn't that gotten old? Grab a coconut macaroon, grab a doughnut in the shape of the moon. Grab an iced coffee and scone. Please tell me I'm not alone? Ice cream has had it's day. It can't stay. It's made from milk, blilk! And those flavors and colors? I'd veto that, if I had my druthers. But oh well, do what you wish, but do me a favor, consider the fish! They don't like ice cream either, mint or strawberry, they like neither. Cool shaved ice marmalade. Now that's something well made! Or how about a little chocolate eclair. In the shape of a bear. Holding a pear. It would be so relevant and there! 

Oh woops, am I sounding too picky?
Sorry, my high standards can be quite tricky.
I'll try not to cringe, when you binge.
On that sweet creamy goodness that makes my left eye twinge.

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