Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Are bananas free?

Wondering in the jungle, this little guy got himself into quite the bungle. He was lost you see. At least until he found this chickadee. Smart, so smart, she didn't start when he stumbled into her nest. And she gave him directions to the mountain crest, where the best bananas could be found. But she warned, not the ones on the ground. The ones in the trees are the bees knees. And he laughed at how wonderful she was, just as everyone does. She's the light of the jungle, the glow of the woods, she's the spirit of the outdoors, she's what makes it so good. Be it bananas, or treasure, or mushrooms, or adventure and pleasure. If you're lost and you can't find your way, just look for chickadee and she'll save your day.
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