Monday, June 6, 2016

A Bloom in the Air

To all the flowers, buds, and blooms.
Please believe me
When I say there's more room.
More room for color, more room for scent,
More room for you,
Because you are so pleasant.
Your petals are bright, colorful, and clear,
Your petals are special,
And only come once a year.
So push over your brother and knock over your sis.
Because I've been waiting all year.
And this. THIS I don't want to miss.

A bloom in spring is a nice thing,
But a bloom in the summer
With the sun so hot, and the wind, not.
Takes a special bloom,
A bloom to break through what was the gloom
And fight for their space in this room.
We call life.

A gentle bud that will last but a day.
A collection of blooms that all share room.
A family of sprays that fill the days.
Bring your color,
Bring your sweet smells.
You make me happy,
You ring my bells. 
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