Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Beach Day

In a wold of blue and churning black, a turtle startled and sat back. A pink fish, large and clean, was swimming towards him from somewhere unseen. The fishy smiled a toothy grin, but bad thoughts began to creep in. Was the fishy nice? the turtle wondered thrice. Should he swim away or roll the dice? And so the turtle sat just waiting alone, hoping the fishy would be nice and go home. But fishy kept swimming ever near to the sweet dear, and turtle freaked out at the fish's good cheer. Why be so happy, jovial, and content? Obviously this fishy was from the depths sent. Maybe to chase him or call him bad names, whatever the reason, his staying was insane. So finally turtle, overcome with fear, started to cry 'oh dear, oh dear.' Seeing turtle's sadness and obviously dismay, fishy slowed down that day. And little by little, fishy proved to be nice, until the brave turtle was again swimming and bobbing up thrice. It just goes to show that you don't know what you know and sometimes good things from way down below.
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