Thursday, June 30, 2016

Chance Meeting

"Isn't that funny" I say, before they walk away.
"I think I met you the other day."
I think it's lost, but then...they pause. 
I push my cause.
"You seemed rather nice, 
you made me think twice."
"I think together, we could make paradise."
Too bold I know,
But I didn't want them to go.
But it worked!
They turned to me, their interest perked.
And then began a happy tale,
That ended when I was old and frail.
It took two meetings, a few brave words,
But the reward was something we both deserved.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Missy May Moctopus is ready for her 'forever home!' Will your house be it??

Friends in Crochet Summer

Listen, I'm not one to talk. But when you ask for ice cream, I balk. I mean, it's so cold! Hasn't that gotten old? Grab a coconut macaroon, grab a doughnut in the shape of the moon. Grab an iced coffee and scone. Please tell me I'm not alone? Ice cream has had it's day. It can't stay. It's made from milk, blilk! And those flavors and colors? I'd veto that, if I had my druthers. But oh well, do what you wish, but do me a favor, consider the fish! They don't like ice cream either, mint or strawberry, they like neither. Cool shaved ice marmalade. Now that's something well made! Or how about a little chocolate eclair. In the shape of a bear. Holding a pear. It would be so relevant and there! 

Oh woops, am I sounding too picky?
Sorry, my high standards can be quite tricky.
I'll try not to cringe, when you binge.
On that sweet creamy goodness that makes my left eye twinge.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fox Rider

He bucked and kicked,
He cuddled and licked.
But I survived to tell you this tale
A tale of excitement that won't go stale.

The fox was proud and strong,
He fought hard and long
But we were of the same mind,
And in time,
We found a merging line.
Where he stopped, I began,
And then we ran.
Through trees and over hills,
It was the biggest thrill.
Go out and find your fox today,
It's the best
When you get to play.

[The cute fox pictured about is for sale on my Facebook page! And the pattern can be found on Etsy and Ravelry - just click the links on the right and let me know how he turns out! Happy foxing]

Monday, June 27, 2016

Today a Leader

Big bird, little bird,
Gigantic bird? That's absurd.
Haven't you seen what I have heard?

I may not be a bird,
But I am the biggest of this herd.
And I can fly! Yup, so can I.

I can also swim, I go to the gym.
My arms are large and my waist is trim.
I can change a lightbulb when the light grows dim.
So yeah, I'm as good as I've been.

Just try to knock me,

Friday, June 24, 2016

All Together Now

I'm going to start us off,
But you can chime in.
We're doing this together.
We're a family my friend.

You pick the notes,
I'll sing the melody,
The rest will chime in,
Like a group of chickadees.

It's about family and friends.
And happy good times.
It's about being silly,
And sharing some rhymes.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Let Me Tell You

I'm blue.
It's true.
I have a sky-like hue.

I blend with the ocean,
Could get lost in the sea.
I disappear in the sky,
If I could fly
You wouldn't see me.

There's a berry I like,
That's blue like me
It's round and sweet,
Just like I like to be.

You could be blue too,
If you'd like for a day.
Just grab some blueberries,
And come on out to play.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Are bananas free?

Wondering in the jungle, this little guy got himself into quite the bungle. He was lost you see. At least until he found this chickadee. Smart, so smart, she didn't start when he stumbled into her nest. And she gave him directions to the mountain crest, where the best bananas could be found. But she warned, not the ones on the ground. The ones in the trees are the bees knees. And he laughed at how wonderful she was, just as everyone does. She's the light of the jungle, the glow of the woods, she's the spirit of the outdoors, she's what makes it so good. Be it bananas, or treasure, or mushrooms, or adventure and pleasure. If you're lost and you can't find your way, just look for chickadee and she'll save your day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

At Sea with Love

The path that we're on is getting rough,
And I'm worried I'll be dragged away.
But as long as you fight for me.
I'll stay.

The clouds are moving in
And the darkness is coming,
But your love brings me light,
And gets my heart drumming.

Our meeting seems treacherous,
And cool winds spell certain doom.
But with you beside me,
My heart will always have room.

I'm staying right here,
Swirling currents and all.
I'm ready for anything.
Anything at all.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Sleeping in Sunlight

A day in the sun might be nice,
But working is better by thrice.
Hunkering down until the get work done,
Spending all day on the run.
And then the rush to eat
While standing on your feet!
It's pretty sweet.


A day outside is even better, so I lied.
I'll pick the wind and the trees please.
And don't forget the soft hum of bees
Making honey for you and me.

Oh yeah, and the sun.
And space to run for fun!
And eating while sitting down,
And laughing instead of the every present frown.

Yeah, I'll pick that.
Now pass me my snack. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Best Day

One day at a time each day of the week.
I bring happiness to all that I seek.
I offer them fruit and gooey pizza pie.
I offer them fun underneath the sunny sky.
We're going to picnic and sing some songs.
Why don't you stop working and come along.
We can play picnic games and sun in the park.
We can tell funny stories until it gets dark.

Today is the day! The best day of the week.
It's time to stop working and play hide and seek.
Grab your jacket, it's hanging on the hook.
Come on! It's Friday, go relax with a book.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Bird's Day

Thursday so free,
Thursday for me.
Thursday for fun.
Thursday Thursday everyone.

I'm singing it high
Singing it low.
I'm just so chipper
And boy does it show.

So spread the word,
Tell them high and low,
That it's Thursday today.
And it's time to go!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Beach Day

In a wold of blue and churning black, a turtle startled and sat back. A pink fish, large and clean, was swimming towards him from somewhere unseen. The fishy smiled a toothy grin, but bad thoughts began to creep in. Was the fishy nice? the turtle wondered thrice. Should he swim away or roll the dice? And so the turtle sat just waiting alone, hoping the fishy would be nice and go home. But fishy kept swimming ever near to the sweet dear, and turtle freaked out at the fish's good cheer. Why be so happy, jovial, and content? Obviously this fishy was from the depths sent. Maybe to chase him or call him bad names, whatever the reason, his staying was insane. So finally turtle, overcome with fear, started to cry 'oh dear, oh dear.' Seeing turtle's sadness and obviously dismay, fishy slowed down that day. And little by little, fishy proved to be nice, until the brave turtle was again swimming and bobbing up thrice. It just goes to show that you don't know what you know and sometimes good things from way down below.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Moment of Sun

Alas, farewell,
I need to bail.
I've sat, I've stood.
I've done what I could.
This wait however is no good.

Goodbye, see you soon.
I leave you with the impending gloom.
I've waiting now, you'll wait then.
I can't tell how long it's been.

Hugs and kisses, sweet goodbyes to misses.
I just can't handle these frequent disses.
No card, no note,
No reason spoke.
Forgotten plans is no joke.

But you I like, Mike.

Monday, June 6, 2016

A Bloom in the Air

To all the flowers, buds, and blooms.
Please believe me
When I say there's more room.
More room for color, more room for scent,
More room for you,
Because you are so pleasant.
Your petals are bright, colorful, and clear,
Your petals are special,
And only come once a year.
So push over your brother and knock over your sis.
Because I've been waiting all year.
And this. THIS I don't want to miss.

A bloom in spring is a nice thing,
But a bloom in the summer
With the sun so hot, and the wind, not.
Takes a special bloom,
A bloom to break through what was the gloom
And fight for their space in this room.
We call life.

A gentle bud that will last but a day.
A collection of blooms that all share room.
A family of sprays that fill the days.
Bring your color,
Bring your sweet smells.
You make me happy,
You ring my bells. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

A Fun Friday Night

I'm gonna shimmy and shake,
Dance until the moon rises over the lake.
I'm gonna eat all the snacks,
Chill out and relax.
See all my good friends,
All the lizards and the hens.
I've been waiting all week,
I hope they have all the snacks I seek.
The celery with cheese,
Drinks by the lake with a breeze. 
It'll be a nice night for us all.
Let's head out and have a ball.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Weekend Planning

A banana is not an horderve
Seriously, what are we going to serve?
Fruit and veggies are good,
But it's not real food.

I cannot believe you.
Banana's are awesome, apples too.
And broccoli is great,
Better than bread mate.

Ok fine, bananas it is,
We'll serve it with chocolate and cheese wiz.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Snake on the Roof

There was a scratching on the roof
I tried to act aloof.
But the scratching continued on.
And I just wished it was gone.
The scritching began.
And I swear I ran,
But it was just in my head.
I was too scared to leave my bed.
What could it be? 
If I look, what will I see?
A dragon that breaths fire.
Large scary claws, so dire!
But I couldn't just sit there,
If it's a dragon, how will I fare?
I guess we'll find out,
Because "I'm Going!" I shout.

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