Friday, May 13, 2016

Slithering Snakes are Super Satisfyingly Great

A little slither here or there,
Is no big deal for those who don't care.
And you shouldn't my dear,
Because I'm a mouse when you're near.
I just want a little taste,
Of that face.
But it's a kiss for sure.
Because you, I adore.

At night I hide under beds and sheets,
But it's just you I'm hoping to meet.
You are super warm,
And I need that to hold my form.
Otherwise I might slither away
And then we wouldn't be able to play.

I know my scaly skin,
Isn't quite what you wanted in a friend.
But I bet we'll be pals for a long time.
Because your a good friend of mine.
And I'll protect you day and night.
And you my friend, I will never bite.
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