Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lone Alien

This is my stool where I rest all my stuff.
It's blue and star shaped, and it's filled with fluff.
It sits here all day, waiting on me.
So that I can rest stuff on it. For free.

And this is my room where I sleep most of the time.
It's pretty ok. Ok, it's just fine.
And I like these pink accessories here.
They're fun to look at, and bring the room cheer.

I wish I had pictures and plants, but it's not really cool.
We live on a planet that only has water for a pool.
So having plants is hard and pictures here aren't nice.
We all are a bit slimy and pictures make it look worse by thrice.

So anyway, this is my stuff and my room.
I admit I like to call it "THE ROOM OF DOOM!"
Not because it's scary or anything.
I just think the name has a nice ring.
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