Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Just Sitting

I was thinking today about life. And Wednesdays and I decided....
I hate Wednesdays.

Sure, I see that.


Two days for work,
Two days for play,
Two days before the weekend,
I wish they could stay!
But no, it's Wednesday.
The worst day of the week.
It's terrible and awful,
A ruinous day for the meek.
It's filled with deadlines
And phone calls,
And work work work all the time.
It's drags on forever,
This much work could make you blind!
And you know it's not over,
When Wednesday comes around.
You know you have two more days of dawdling,
Until the weekend can be found.
So you hide in your cube
And pretend to do stuff.
But you're really thinking out loud.
I really really hate this stuff!
But there's good news.
I have it right here.
Guess what.
There's still time to start a new career.
How about professional baseball, or clownism (is that a thing?)
Or roller skate master, baker, or the seller of bling.
How about Chocolateer!
Ohhh, that'd be nice.
Too bad though,
I think you're current job will have to suffice.

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