Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Neighbor's Request

Hey pal, not sure if you've got time now.
But I need to talk to you about your cow.
I mean your bird.
Sorry!, My beard makes my words slurred.
Your bird is cute and all,
But he stands up there awfully tall.
And at night he sings pretty loudly,
And I'm sure proudly.
But it's a bit too loud if you know what I mean.
And well, my wife is asking me to intervene.
Do you think you can ask him to be a bit quieter?
Or I'm afraid my wife might throw a pie at her.

Sure no worries my friend.
Her song is almost at an end.
And then she'll be off to the southern shores.
To sing on a southern tour. 

Excellent! Well good luck with that,
And to you cute bird, I tip my hat.

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