Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Buzzing in my Ear

It was on a day like today that Florence began to suspect that Lilitha was hiding food. The flowers had no pollen, the Flower Had No Pollen. It was suspicious. And Lilitha HAD been eating a lot of honey lately. But could she make honey from pollen on her own? Had she found another way? It could be, Florence pondered, that Lilitha didn't need need him anymore.


I need you, like I need shoes.
Like a needle needs thread,
Like a guitarist needs the blues.
My feet are bare and so's my heart,
I need you.
Or I can't start.
Some one needs to guide these feet,
And seriously, you are the one
That gives me that beat.
So don't hide from me, 
Come out to play.
We can run through the woods,
And go to grandma's to stay.
We can stay up all night,
We can gaze at all the stars.
But please don't leave me.
Don't go too far.
I need you like I need my hat,
You pick out the color,
And I will seriously wear that.
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