Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Bunny Feeling

Ahh Spring.
Dad, I don't see spring, I see rain and I feel wind, but I wouldn't call that spring.
True true, but soon the sky will turn blue and the sun will peek out and then you'll see what spring is all about.
But then won't that be summer?
Ahhh, Summer

A Season Away

When you live in an area that enjoys all four seasons.
It's stands to reason,
That you might get a chance to enjoy each one.
But no, no, that's not how it's done.
Summer and Winter seem to last all year,
But spring and fall barely come at all.
And on those rare occasions that you get to enjoy,
It'll rain for sure, just to annoy.
So grab your umbrella and your parka too
Oh and a tank top and a floppy shoe.
Better be prepared for everything.
Because we don't have seasons,
We have sun, then rain.
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