Tuesday, May 31, 2016

On a Tuesday in May

Hey mom!
It's Tuesday and soon school will be out.
I'll be home every day, walking about
It'll be so fun to spend time with you.
And then on the weekends, it won't be anything new.
Breakfast every day and lunch at noon.
Dinner outside, yes! So soon.

Friday, May 27, 2016

A Sunny Day in May

The sun is shining warm and bright.
It's such a sight.
Each ray touching the Earth with light.
As a little snake I might bake, 
But it's worth it to partake.
In the sunny wonder that is this sunlight milkshake.
So bring it on 
And shine on
I can absorb the stray ray, 
And a bit of fun this May.
And when the light grows dim, 
I'll slither in and start rememberin'
Until the dark turns to day
And the rays push away the gray.
Then the warmth will seep into the dirt,
And you'll find me right here, waiting for my sunlight dessert.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Reunion Visit

In a few days I will reunite
With those with whom I always fight.
From a time when we were all quite little,
We would argue about who went in the middle.
And who got the remote and the last cookie to eat.
We'd yell and scream and stomp our feet.
And Mom and Dad would do there best,
To make us be nice like the rest.
It was the best times ever,
We all thought we were so clever.
It's a bond that time can't sever.

But enough of all that.
It's time to chat
And eat cookies till we're fat.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday Again - says me

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday

It's funny how this day comes by each and every week.
But never does it match the last,
Each time with a subtle tweak.

Last week I spilled my coffee,
And lost a bag of change.
This week it was a bag of sugar,
And my tea I needed to exchange.

Next week perhaps the pipes will burst.
Or my car will cease to run.
Or I'll lose that critical report,
And have to re-write it for fun.

We should really just stop enjoying
This day so well known for fun
And just take a holiday,
What do you say everyone?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Meeting Half Way

Don't come over here!
Not even a toe.
I don't trust you.
Nope, I know what I know.

You have been fibbing
And telling some tales.
I totally believed you.
But today's story failed.

You aren't a tiger,
You don't live in a zoo.
You aren't a princess
You aren't blue.

So tell me something real.
Something that happened to you.
Don't tell me some tale
About you in a zoo.

Tell me the boring stuff.
The stuff that's special and new
Tell me everything,
But you better not mention being blue.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Meetings

Hey Silvie!
Charles, how good to see you. How long has it been?
Mmm, a few hours I guess.

Sometimes the weekend can bleed into Monday.
If you happen to stay home for one more fun day.
Sleep in a little, have breakfast outside.
And enjoy the day, get ice cream deep fried.
Sometimes Monday, is just not a day to work.
And staying home will keep you from going berserk.
So grab fresh PJs and a movie or two,
Stay home with the kitties
And the puppies too.
Relax just a little and work on you.
And soon you'll be ready for work at the zoo.

Friday, May 20, 2016

I'm Gonna Stick By You

I'm gonna kiss you.
You may not look like me,
May not smell like me.
But you and me, we're meant to be.
You get me and I you,
Through and through
And in the muck and in the goo. 
Life's messy.
Life's messed up,
But I got you to say "wuz 'up?" 
And make me laugh and make me cry
And oh my.
I'm gonna kiss you.
Because you're odd.
And strange,
And perfect, yet deranged.
And we'll swim off and away
And to all we'll say...
Go worry about someone else today.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bring It On

So you don't like me.
Guess what I don't care.
I'm perfect and wonderful.
And you're just there.
I breath fire on the weekends.
I eat bugs for brunch.
You said I wasn't cool.
But I eat your mean words for lunch.
I stand tall in the darkness.
I howl at the moon.
I champion the sick and the tired.
And soon my awesomeness will bloom.
So go ahead and say your mean things
And spread your rumors far and wide.
Because I'm impervious to you.
Everyone knows you lied.
Nothing can stop me.
I'm stronger than you.
I know I'm awesome.
And you soon you will too. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Bunny Feeling

Ahh Spring.
Dad, I don't see spring, I see rain and I feel wind, but I wouldn't call that spring.
True true, but soon the sky will turn blue and the sun will peek out and then you'll see what spring is all about.
But then won't that be summer?
Ahhh, Summer

A Season Away

When you live in an area that enjoys all four seasons.
It's stands to reason,
That you might get a chance to enjoy each one.
But no, no, that's not how it's done.
Summer and Winter seem to last all year,
But spring and fall barely come at all.
And on those rare occasions that you get to enjoy,
It'll rain for sure, just to annoy.
So grab your umbrella and your parka too
Oh and a tank top and a floppy shoe.
Better be prepared for everything.
Because we don't have seasons,
We have sun, then rain.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Buzzing in my Ear

It was on a day like today that Florence began to suspect that Lilitha was hiding food. The flowers had no pollen, the Flower Had No Pollen. It was suspicious. And Lilitha HAD been eating a lot of honey lately. But could she make honey from pollen on her own? Had she found another way? It could be, Florence pondered, that Lilitha didn't need need him anymore.


I need you, like I need shoes.
Like a needle needs thread,
Like a guitarist needs the blues.
My feet are bare and so's my heart,
I need you.
Or I can't start.
Some one needs to guide these feet,
And seriously, you are the one
That gives me that beat.
So don't hide from me, 
Come out to play.
We can run through the woods,
And go to grandma's to stay.
We can stay up all night,
We can gaze at all the stars.
But please don't leave me.
Don't go too far.
I need you like I need my hat,
You pick out the color,
And I will seriously wear that.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Taking the Time


I'm smelling each bloom and savoring the scent.
I'm running out of time and I haven't made a dent.
Each flower is special, each smell divine,
But I can't find them all, I don't have time.
But I'm going to take a chance on all that I can.
Because they are all worthy and I'm a big fan.

Little blooms so bright, so new.
I wish I could make it to you too.
But if I don't, know one thing.
You are worthy of the good that life will bring.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Slithering Snakes are Super Satisfyingly Great

A little slither here or there,
Is no big deal for those who don't care.
And you shouldn't my dear,
Because I'm a mouse when you're near.
I just want a little taste,
Of that face.
But it's a kiss for sure.
Because you, I adore.

At night I hide under beds and sheets,
But it's just you I'm hoping to meet.
You are super warm,
And I need that to hold my form.
Otherwise I might slither away
And then we wouldn't be able to play.

I know my scaly skin,
Isn't quite what you wanted in a friend.
But I bet we'll be pals for a long time.
Because your a good friend of mine.
And I'll protect you day and night.
And you my friend, I will never bite.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's Rough Out There

The sea is churning,
My stomach is burning.
My fear is filling the air,
And I'm starting to not care.

But I can see the sun on the horizon,
So today my spirit will not be dying.
I'm going to fight on,
And I know I'm not wrong.

Later today or maybe tomorrow.
I'm going to see a swallow.
And I'll follow that crazy bird.
To a land filled with happiness and things absurd.

And once on land I'll pursuit my dreams.
And hopefully nothing mean.
And I'll push on through this life.
To make for myself something truly nice.

So wind, blow my sails.
Birds, guide the gails.
And fish kick your tails.
Because together, none of us fails. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dogs and Friends

I'm upside down
I'm inside out.
I'm fighting worry,
I'm fighting doubt.

You lied to me.
You told a fib.
You broke my trust.
You did you did.

You stole my cookie,
You stole my prize.
Our friendship now,
Is all just lies.

You ate my cookie,
You didn't share.
You've left me empty
You left me bare.

I wanted that!
It was mine to eat.
You wrecked it all.
You even stole my seat.

So bye to you.
And bye to us.
I'm getting out of here.
I'm getting on a bus.

I have cookies at home.
And they're just for me.
So don't bother coming over.
You'll just wreck my chi.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Elephant on a Hill


I'm pretty high up.
Way up on this hill.
I can see Kansas, Texas, and Chapel Hill.

Not too much else is up here with me.
I'm all alone up here.
Just me and this tree.

I was going to tell the tree a story.
Of my plight down below.
But if it was interested, it didn't show.

So I just kept on talking.
From dusk till dawn.
Until the tree shook quietly and begun to yawn.

I guess I drag on with my stories and such.
It's hard to capture all the bits,
That make me love the story so much.

But I'm sure you get what I mean.
You've been here just as long.
And seen what I've seen.

Just one elephant.
Way up on a hill.
Telling stories to a tree named Phil.

Monday, May 9, 2016

An Alien and His Dog


Here we are again my friend.
We did all kinds of fun things this weekend didn't we?

The Weekend
We ran through the hills.
We climbed up over rocks.
We trudged through rivers,
We got water on our socks.

We picked flowers in a meadow.
Watched songbirds fly about.
We snuck up on bears in the wild.
However that black bear gave me some doubt.

We ate berries that we picked.
We drank water from a stream.
We cooked fish over a fire.
We jumped in the river to get clean.

We were brave and awesome.
And we had so much fun.
I hate when Monday comes around.
'Cause it means the fun is all done.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Bee Happy


Ahh Friday.
The last day.
The day before the weekend.
The weekend of mother's day.

Oh no! Mother's Day!

Ok ok, we can fix this.

Mother's Day

On one special day each year.
We honor this person we hold very dear.
The mom, the mommy,
The grammy, the one
The one that loves you no matter the trouble you've done.
I love my mommy because she's the best.
No need to embellish because as you've guessed.
My mommy and yours are better than all the rest. 
They are powerful and proud
And yeah, sometimes loud.
But loving and kind and they're all yours and mine.
And so this weekend let's say I love you
And all the good you do!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lone Alien

This is my stool where I rest all my stuff.
It's blue and star shaped, and it's filled with fluff.
It sits here all day, waiting on me.
So that I can rest stuff on it. For free.

And this is my room where I sleep most of the time.
It's pretty ok. Ok, it's just fine.
And I like these pink accessories here.
They're fun to look at, and bring the room cheer.

I wish I had pictures and plants, but it's not really cool.
We live on a planet that only has water for a pool.
So having plants is hard and pictures here aren't nice.
We all are a bit slimy and pictures make it look worse by thrice.

So anyway, this is my stuff and my room.
I admit I like to call it "THE ROOM OF DOOM!"
Not because it's scary or anything.
I just think the name has a nice ring.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Just Sitting

I was thinking today about life. And Wednesdays and I decided....
I hate Wednesdays.

Sure, I see that.


Two days for work,
Two days for play,
Two days before the weekend,
I wish they could stay!
But no, it's Wednesday.
The worst day of the week.
It's terrible and awful,
A ruinous day for the meek.
It's filled with deadlines
And phone calls,
And work work work all the time.
It's drags on forever,
This much work could make you blind!
And you know it's not over,
When Wednesday comes around.
You know you have two more days of dawdling,
Until the weekend can be found.
So you hide in your cube
And pretend to do stuff.
But you're really thinking out loud.
I really really hate this stuff!
But there's good news.
I have it right here.
Guess what.
There's still time to start a new career.
How about professional baseball, or clownism (is that a thing?)
Or roller skate master, baker, or the seller of bling.
How about Chocolateer!
Ohhh, that'd be nice.
Too bad though,
I think you're current job will have to suffice.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Neighbor's Request

Hey pal, not sure if you've got time now.
But I need to talk to you about your cow.
I mean your bird.
Sorry!, My beard makes my words slurred.
Your bird is cute and all,
But he stands up there awfully tall.
And at night he sings pretty loudly,
And I'm sure proudly.
But it's a bit too loud if you know what I mean.
And well, my wife is asking me to intervene.
Do you think you can ask him to be a bit quieter?
Or I'm afraid my wife might throw a pie at her.

Sure no worries my friend.
Her song is almost at an end.
And then she'll be off to the southern shores.
To sing on a southern tour. 

Excellent! Well good luck with that,
And to you cute bird, I tip my hat.

Monday, May 2, 2016

A Swimmier Season

Guys, do you think we'll ever get tired of this?
Of what?
Just being together, enjoying the weather?
It's been raining for three days.
Three GLORIOUS days.
It's Raining Outside

It starts with a pitter patter on the ground.
Droplets so small and round.
A shuffle from far away.
Little kids running in from play.
A smell rises from the pavement.
Parents pull out games from the basement.
A rainbow can be seen.
It's tranquil is all I mean.
A little wetness to grow the grass.
A bunch of kids and a lot of sass.
Makes a night more eventful and fun.
But hopefully tomorrow there'll be sun.
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