Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Office Meeting

There was a humming in the room,
A sense of real doom.
The boss was going to give a speech,
About something out of reach.
Like metrics and goals,
It could have been about digging holes.
Who thinks about such things in a cube?
They all just wanted steady work and free food.
But there they were just the same.
Thinking bad metrics meant they were to blame.
But maybe it wasn't this time.
Maybe it was this bad rhyme.
And failed sales and a bad year,
Maybe it's management that should fear.
Because sales dip and slide,
But workers always hang on through the ride.
It's managers who over react,
And make statements as if they're fact.
And we all just need to chill,
Because seriously, we'll be fine Phil!

Phil: Fine! I was just sayin'...

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