Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Meeting You Twice

Two years have passed and we're together again.
Little bunny, and little Ben.

Did you want to play horseshoes or build a castle in the sand?
I could build the little men that you gleefully crush with your hand.

Remember when we snuck up that tree?
And I fell and you heckled me?
We could go again, I've already scoped it out.
There are new people there so we won't be able to shout.
But we could climb up and remember old times.
And you can get annoyed at me for always speaking in rhymes.

And then we can run around in the field.
And shout about stuff that isn't even a big deal.

Come on bunny, let's relive old times.
I couldn't be happier, to have you back in my rhymes.
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