Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I'm Meeting You Half Way

Trust me friends, just a little today.
When I tell you about my friend Ms. May
She's smart so smart, a true professor at heart.
She's a lover of poetry and a lover of art.

But don't try to negotiate with her powerful mind.
There's no room for compromise unless she's already behind.
Just like me, she goes for everything she sees
And we can't just share, because I'd have to say please.
So we argue and fuss until one of us says enough.
And it's usually me because I'm no good at that stuff.

So Ms. May wins all and goes home with the prize.
But let me tell you just a little of her heart's true size
She shares it anyway! And always with me.
Because we're best friends and she's as kind as kind can be. 

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