Monday, April 4, 2016

A Little Bit Octopus

So I asked you here today,
To discuss something that's given me dismay.
It's about those plants over there,
That you've been raising with great care.
They're quite unusual you see,
And they simply don't please me.
I know I could just look away,
But I'm selfish ok?
Please please, can they go elsewhere to stay?
I mean, that one little one isn't so bad,
But the red one. It's not rad.
And the blue is kind of looking at me.
And it gives me the willies you see.
Can't they go to your mom's or dad's?
Or hey, what about over at Tad's?
I'm sure it wouldn't make him mad.
Ok, I can see by your expression,
That's I've made a bad impression.
Just think about it ok?
Those plants just really can't stay.
Fine, I'm going! good day.

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