Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pony All Alone

I'm just me and I go it alone.

I brave the cold and rain.
I make it into a game.
I trudge up all the hills,
And run down with great thrill.
I jump into each river.
And in the cold, I shiver.
But I go for just me.
Because I just want to see.
The sun rise and the sun set.
The colors when all the right parameters are met.
And the animals all around. 
And all the plants that can be found.
And soak it all in.
Because, then I'll remember where I've been.
And then I'll go do it all over again.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Meeting By Chance

Oh hey, how's it going Clark?

It's Wednesday so I guess I'm great.
At least I'm on time, I hate being late.
I had some trouble last night in the dark.
I cuddled with a dog, but he let out a loud bark.
So I wandered around until I found somewhere warm,
But now that it's bright, I just want to head home.
So I'm sorry to meet you and then rush off again.
But this visit was doomed before it began.

No worries pal, I sure understand.
Sometimes you need stay home when you can.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I'm Meeting You Half Way

Trust me friends, just a little today.
When I tell you about my friend Ms. May
She's smart so smart, a true professor at heart.
She's a lover of poetry and a lover of art.

But don't try to negotiate with her powerful mind.
There's no room for compromise unless she's already behind.
Just like me, she goes for everything she sees
And we can't just share, because I'd have to say please.
So we argue and fuss until one of us says enough.
And it's usually me because I'm no good at that stuff.

So Ms. May wins all and goes home with the prize.
But let me tell you just a little of her heart's true size
She shares it anyway! And always with me.
Because we're best friends and she's as kind as kind can be. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Lizard Be Brave

I'm not brave,
I'm not strong.
And you know what? That's not wrong.

Not everyone needs to take chances.
To put themselves out there
And go to dances.

Some of us need to play it smart.
To take risks only with lots of planning
Right from the start.

And sheesh, I need to think things through.
To make sure I know 
Just what I'm going to do. 

What if I just ran off on a whim,
And climbed that mountain next to the gym?

I'll tell you what.
I'd get stuck!
And have to sit on my butt.
While I wait for the helicopter to put put put
And come get me, this nut.

No more whims for me,
I'm staying home where I'm free
From all this idiosyncrasity.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lizard Most Brave

That sister of yours is so brave.
I'm serious, she's probably off jumping off buildings or hang gliding or something.

She's going leap into traffic just to save a cat.
She's going to climb tall trees just to hang a home for her bat.
She's going to sing to the people at the baseball game.
She's going to play guitar in front of millions and probably find fame.
She's brave and courageous and smart and cool.
She's interesting and exciting and does well in school.
She's my sister and being her brother is the best!
Now I'll see you later, because we're going on a quest.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Meeting You Twice

Two years have passed and we're together again.
Little bunny, and little Ben.

Did you want to play horseshoes or build a castle in the sand?
I could build the little men that you gleefully crush with your hand.

Remember when we snuck up that tree?
And I fell and you heckled me?
We could go again, I've already scoped it out.
There are new people there so we won't be able to shout.
But we could climb up and remember old times.
And you can get annoyed at me for always speaking in rhymes.

And then we can run around in the field.
And shout about stuff that isn't even a big deal.

Come on bunny, let's relive old times.
I couldn't be happier, to have you back in my rhymes.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

On the Roof

From up here I can see all the gnomes wondering around.

On the Roof

You can plant flowers in the ground.
Plant them all around
And after a week and a day,
The flowers come up to play.
But what is it all worth
If you can't see them springing from the earth?

So climb up that high ladder,
Up to where the birds chatter.
Go to the top of that house,
Don't be afraid, I'm sure there isn't a mouse.
And see that garden you grew!
See! You can grow flowers and make things beautiful too.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday is a Wild Ride

Last week is over and done,
Tomorrow hasn't yet begun.
Saturday was a whole lot of fun,
But it's Sunday and we've reached the end of this run.

Monday is a fresh start
I recommend you give it your heart
Or chance being town apart,
By a horrible week in the dark. 

Think coffee stains and sleepy nights,
When you need it to go just right,
But a clever idea is just out of sight. 
Oh gosh, someone turn on a light!

And then Wednesday brings good vibes
And you're feeling a bit more alive.
And so with all your might you dive
Straight for Friday where you know you'll thrive.

So that's how it's going to go,
Do you feel better now that you know?
Yeah, I didn't think so.

Happy Monday. lol.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Night Soiree

Did you remember to bring chips?
no sorry.

Party Etiquette

When someone invites you
You bring food.
If you don't bring something.
It's pretty darn rude.

When you host a party,
Offer some snacks.
If you don't offer something,
They'll never come back.

If someone asks you to tag along,
You stay with your friend.
Because duh,
That's your friend and you two need to blend.

And when you invite someone,
You don't leave them all alone!
You invited them!!
Or else they'll just go home. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Slithering Serpent is Soon to be Near

He hisses but misses and tries yet again.
And comes ever closer to biting your shin.
He seemed pretty nice at first you thought,
But now this encounter is terribly fraught.
Maybe he'll stop or back up just a bit,
At least give you a moment to breath and sit.
Admittedly, you did step on his tail.
But hissing and nipping is just a big fail.
You say sorry again and back up just a bit
And finally finally he allows you to sit.
Poor snake was just ouchie and a little bit mad.
My big stomping feet made his tail awfully sad. 

We're friends now you know? Can't you tell from the glow? We're best buds now forever whereever we go.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Bird in Town

When I fly high in the sky,
I feel the wind breeze by,
And I can see all the people,
From way up high.

I soar through the clouds,
Like a whisper, not loud
And you know what?
I'm proud.

I'm a majestic bird of power and grace.
And if you run, I'll give chase.
So don't leave me.
Because it'll bring a frown to my face.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Little Cat-sing Up

It's been three long years and you've nary aged a day.
It looks like only minutes that you've been away.
Often I come to this very spot,
To remember the last time where you were not.
To think of the fun we had right here,
And wish for your return each year.
And now here you are,
Right where I've wanted you most.
Tell me my friend,
Are you ready to toast?
A toast to the future, and the fun to come.
Now ready, set, go! now run!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Crochet Sailing in the High Seas

We sailed away this weekend.
Away far away,
We sailed as far as we could go,
But we couldn't stay.

We had to get back to be with you.
Back to you, so true.
So we sailed all day to get back to you.
And when we did, you weren't there boo.

You'd left on your own adventure,
And the house was so empty!
But no worries love,
We made you pie, so tempting.

So sail away home through the waves and wind.
Meet us at home, meet us there.
There we'll be waiting
And we'll have pie to share. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

To the Party!

On the path we go to fun and dancing.
With silly neighing
And exuberant prancing.

Closer and closer with each step.
We'll be dancing by dinner,
I would bet. 

And the food and the drink,
And bottles of water in the sink.
And cookies and pie, 
And chips, I won't lie.
This might the best night for you and I.

So step a little faster my friend.
Let's get the day started 
So the party can begin.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Dentist Appointment Away

In a few short hours,
You should be collecting me some flowers.
I'm headed to the dentist today,
To address this tooth decay.
I admit I waited too long,
And my teeth are very far gone.
But I don't want to go there,
It's scary and not fair.
I should be able to eat everything I want,
And not have to go through such a stunt.
A filling for my cavity!
It's just total insanity.
Why can't I eat candy before bed?
"Soda is good!" They said.
But apparently it's not,
And now my teeth have begun to rot.
And my mouth hurts a lot.

Ok, from now on no candy at night,
And no candy at dawn,
And no soda at all 'till the cavities are gone.
And then it's all vegetables for me,
Because I'm so over these fillings 1, 2, and 3.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Office Meeting

There was a humming in the room,
A sense of real doom.
The boss was going to give a speech,
About something out of reach.
Like metrics and goals,
It could have been about digging holes.
Who thinks about such things in a cube?
They all just wanted steady work and free food.
But there they were just the same.
Thinking bad metrics meant they were to blame.
But maybe it wasn't this time.
Maybe it was this bad rhyme.
And failed sales and a bad year,
Maybe it's management that should fear.
Because sales dip and slide,
But workers always hang on through the ride.
It's managers who over react,
And make statements as if they're fact.
And we all just need to chill,
Because seriously, we'll be fine Phil!

Phil: Fine! I was just sayin'...

Monday, April 4, 2016

A Little Bit Octopus

So I asked you here today,
To discuss something that's given me dismay.
It's about those plants over there,
That you've been raising with great care.
They're quite unusual you see,
And they simply don't please me.
I know I could just look away,
But I'm selfish ok?
Please please, can they go elsewhere to stay?
I mean, that one little one isn't so bad,
But the red one. It's not rad.
And the blue is kind of looking at me.
And it gives me the willies you see.
Can't they go to your mom's or dad's?
Or hey, what about over at Tad's?
I'm sure it wouldn't make him mad.
Ok, I can see by your expression,
That's I've made a bad impression.
Just think about it ok?
Those plants just really can't stay.
Fine, I'm going! good day.

Friday, April 1, 2016

April Showers

My apologies sweet kids,
But today isn't, what it is.
The lake might seem nice,
But it's hiding a lot of ice. 
And that first plunge of April,
It's going to make you feel awfully hateful.
Brrr, say the fishes, "so cold!" scream the birds.
Coming out today, was a little absurd.
But I couldn't resits, not one little bit.
Playing a bit of a joke, watching you have a fit.
But it's over now, and you'll be warm soon enough.
So why don't we go get ice cream and stuff.

[Happy April Fools Day!!]
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