Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday Party

On Wednesdays I like to tip toe and go slow. Because you never know where
that path will go. Sometimes up, sometimes right, sometimes sunny, sometimes out of sight. So bring your flight light and we'll all be alright.

Jump to the left
uh uh
Jump to the right
uh uh
Jump that jump,
With all your might.


You mean all I have to do is tip toe and jump?
tip toe.... and jump?

Ok fine.

I'm gonna slither, I'm gonna wander.
I'm gonna wiggle over yonder.
I'm gonna sneak up, on little you.
I'm gonna surprise and lick you too.
Because I'm a puppy!
Nope, ain't no guppy.
And we don't tip toe.

[Happy hump day everyone, hope you're enjoying your Wednesday, last one before April]

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