Friday, March 11, 2016

Visiting Friends

Ok, it's Friday. Where's my balloon?
What balloon?
You said if I made it until Friday and nothing bad happened, that you would give me a balloon.
I did not.
Seriously. Where's my balloon?

A Promise is a Promise
If you promise me flowers.
You better cough up within hours.

If you promise me chocolate.
You better bring a lot of it.

If you promise me success,
You better do better than the rest.

But if you promise me forever,
I'm going to give you better.

I'm going to give you promises you can keep,
Like hugs every week.

Like friendship for all time,
And permanent cuts in line.

Like dinner every night,
And silliness just right.

Because a promise is a promise,
So don't squander this.

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