Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Three is Perfect

He was sitting among his friends and they'd heard a storm blowing in. Coming from the west, it blew cold air on his chest. There was a humming in his ear, but the sky remained clear. It was a foreboding, not knowing, if they all had a storm to fear.

But soon the warmth returned, and I think we all learned. That a cloud is a cloud, and a storm is a storm, and you should really get going if it's cold and them warm.

Because just then as they sat, out there on their mat, the sky became dark, and not one of them had a hat. The water began to fall, and it hit one and all. Covering them thoroughly, the short and the tall. 

So be prepared my friends and bring some cover. You never know when a storm will sweep in and then just hover.
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