Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Afternoon Picnic

I brought one plate and a cup for my tea,
You were not invited.
It was supposed to be just me.

But it's March and it's warm,
Look, the sky's sunny, 
No storm.

I was supposed to be alone,
Enjoying the weather on my own.
Please please, won't you go home?

No no, this will be fun,
I brought cupcakes and cookies,
Won't you have one?

I don't want cookies or pies,
Or candies, oh my.
No no! Why can't I me alone, Why?

Because it's a beautiful sunny afternoon,
So just be nice and make room.

You're a nice friend, I like you a lot.
But honestly. I will not.
I was here first and I wanted to be alone,
To relax and think about home.
I have the busted wing you see,
And so there will be no flying for me.
I just want to watch the clouds drift by,
And maybe, every so often, sigh.
So please, friend, caring pal,
Would you please go to some other locale?

Ok, I shall.

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