Monday, March 21, 2016

A Turtle Crossing

Mirabelle, I had the best weekend. It was awesome.
That's great! What did you do?
Nothing. Not one single thing.
I'm so jealous!

My Weekend

I didn't do a thing.
Not one little thing.
I didn't make my bed,
I didn't answer when the phone would ring.
I didn't comb my hair,
Or even get out of bed.
I laid around all day, and not a word was said. 
I didn't cook food!
I didn't brush my teeth.
It was so so wonderful, I wish it'd lasted a week.
I didn't think about homework.
Or real work ... or house work!
I didn't think about anything and that doesn't make me a jerk.
I'm allowed to be lazy.
I'm allowed to be a slob.
Because sometimes you just NEED to...just act like a blob.

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