Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Tale of One Bunny

In case you're wondering....

I AM cute and adorable.
Not at all deplorable.
I have sweet green ears.
My voice will bring you to tears.
I hop in the cutest way.
And you know you want to stay
And play.

So just pull up a chair,
We're going to play fair I swear.
Nope, no cheating from me,
I've got no cards up my sleeves, see?
And here's an egg from me to you.
Just show you I'm sweet too.

But don't look over there,
It's nothing, just a bear.
No no, I haven't something hidden.
It's just a secret and forbidden.
Well, yes it does look like a mirror.
No it's not so I can see clearer.
No really, I wasn't going to cheat.
It's just for checking my ears my sweet.
Ok fine, I was going to sneak a peak.
I admit it, I'm weak.
This whole thing was a huge ruse.

Easter makes me crazy.
No time to relax and be lazy.
Come on, let's just go pick daisies.
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