Monday, March 7, 2016

A Meeting at the Well

I'm a puff and you're a puff,
And I'll tell you when enough is enough.
We've got water to pull and a bucket that's full,
And we don't have time for silliness to rule.
Today is not the day and right now is not ok.
So let's go already, we simply cannot stay. 
Mom wants us home, back under the pink dome.
She's worried about the trouble that comes when we roam. 

But I don't wanna!!

That's tough my baby brother so gruff,
We just don't have time for this stuff.
No time to collect bugs, no time to go to Doug's
No time to even shrug!
School is in one hour, and we still need to shower,
I don't know about you, but I don't smell like a flower.
We need to grab our books, and our jackets from their hooks.
We need to get to school before our absence is mistook.
Come on come on,
Don't make me carry you across this lawn.

Fine, but tomorrow it's another story come dawn.
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