Friday, March 18, 2016

A Friday For Frivolity

Tonight we're going to a dance!
Meh, I don't have pants.
Who needs pants when we can prance!
Please, I don't prance. I sit in the corner and I glance.
Not a chance.
We are going boogie all night,
Gonna sway just right.
And at the end of such a sight.
We're going to glide across the floor as if in a trance.
Well, at least you're telling me in advance.
I guess this once I can freelance.
Maybe try for a little romance.
That's it! What a way to enhance!

So when you get to the floor,
And you want to do more,
Just glide.
Just glide.
And when you're rocking to the core,
And you want the people to adore.
Just glide.
Just glide.
Dancing is no chore,
It's the pursuit of something more.
So just GLIDE!
Don't hide. 
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