Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ella's a Fan of Chocolate

In a land in a valley by a stream in the west,
Lives a little elephant.
She's the best.

She is quite small, so small in deed.
When we stand together.
She only reaches my knees.

Ella is her name. So sweet so smart.
She impressed me altogether.
She impressed me from the start.

She knew her numbers and could lead like the best.
She led me all through the jungle.
Through the woods and the rest.

She told me stories long and short and always in depth.
And even offered me snacks.
As we stayed in step.

And forever and tomorrow and later on this year.
I'll remember how great Ella was.
A great elephant and truly dear.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday Party

On Wednesdays I like to tip toe and go slow. Because you never know where
that path will go. Sometimes up, sometimes right, sometimes sunny, sometimes out of sight. So bring your flight light and we'll all be alright.

Jump to the left
uh uh
Jump to the right
uh uh
Jump that jump,
With all your might.


You mean all I have to do is tip toe and jump?
tip toe.... and jump?

Ok fine.

I'm gonna slither, I'm gonna wander.
I'm gonna wiggle over yonder.
I'm gonna sneak up, on little you.
I'm gonna surprise and lick you too.
Because I'm a puppy!
Nope, ain't no guppy.
And we don't tip toe.

[Happy hump day everyone, hope you're enjoying your Wednesday, last one before April]

Monday, March 28, 2016

A Post Easter Wrap Up

Every year it's the same thing,
Right at the beginning of spring.
A call goes out with a shout.
To bring the eggs out and toss them about.
And then the children run in,
And the chaos begins.
It's fun for sure.
But maybe we need more.
A challenge for the moms and dads.
Something extra special to be had.
Like a night out on the town.
Some time for the big kids to wear the crown.
Next time perhaps.
After the kids have had their nap.

Friday, March 25, 2016

There Will Be No Eggs This Sunday

There will be candy only for me!
Or none of you will go free.
Bring me your treats and snacks.
I want them all stuffed in my sack.
I'll bring them home
And eat them alone.
Hahaha, oh will the children moan.

Yes yes, it's all for me!!
Or none of you will go free.
Now run off with you
Before I think of something new to do.
And bring extra cake for goodness sake!
This endless hunger is not a fake.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Tale of One Bunny

In case you're wondering....

I AM cute and adorable.
Not at all deplorable.
I have sweet green ears.
My voice will bring you to tears.
I hop in the cutest way.
And you know you want to stay
And play.

So just pull up a chair,
We're going to play fair I swear.
Nope, no cheating from me,
I've got no cards up my sleeves, see?
And here's an egg from me to you.
Just show you I'm sweet too.

But don't look over there,
It's nothing, just a bear.
No no, I haven't something hidden.
It's just a secret and forbidden.
Well, yes it does look like a mirror.
No it's not so I can see clearer.
No really, I wasn't going to cheat.
It's just for checking my ears my sweet.
Ok fine, I was going to sneak a peak.
I admit it, I'm weak.
This whole thing was a huge ruse.

Easter makes me crazy.
No time to relax and be lazy.
Come on, let's just go pick daisies.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Family Bunny Affair

When in doubt,
I bring two friends who are stout. 
Friends who can lift and carry,
Who are generally very merry.
Because delivering eggs is a stressful job,
With hungry children ready to rob.
You must be sneaky
And walk ever so quickly.
You must tip toe oh so slow.
And when you hear them, go go go.
The candy is the best,
But seeing happy children fills you the rest.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday the Trek Begins

When I volunteered to help you deliver eggs, I didn't say I'd CARRY YOU!!

Well, I mean, you are just so good at carrying and we're so small.

Ugh. Let's just do this.

Best Pals

Yes, I'll carry you.
Up and down,
Around and Around.
Over then under
Through and sunder.
In rain and hale,
In snow, through gails.
With a hurricane at my back,
Without a drink or a snack.
I'll carry you far and wide,
And I'll even help you hide.
Those eggs with candy inside.

But be available when I ask you for a ride.

You got it Clyde!

Monday, March 21, 2016

A Turtle Crossing

Mirabelle, I had the best weekend. It was awesome.
That's great! What did you do?
Nothing. Not one single thing.
I'm so jealous!

My Weekend

I didn't do a thing.
Not one little thing.
I didn't make my bed,
I didn't answer when the phone would ring.
I didn't comb my hair,
Or even get out of bed.
I laid around all day, and not a word was said. 
I didn't cook food!
I didn't brush my teeth.
It was so so wonderful, I wish it'd lasted a week.
I didn't think about homework.
Or real work ... or house work!
I didn't think about anything and that doesn't make me a jerk.
I'm allowed to be lazy.
I'm allowed to be a slob.
Because sometimes you just NEED to...just act like a blob.


Friday, March 18, 2016

A Friday For Frivolity

Tonight we're going to a dance!
Meh, I don't have pants.
Who needs pants when we can prance!
Please, I don't prance. I sit in the corner and I glance.
Not a chance.
We are going boogie all night,
Gonna sway just right.
And at the end of such a sight.
We're going to glide across the floor as if in a trance.
Well, at least you're telling me in advance.
I guess this once I can freelance.
Maybe try for a little romance.
That's it! What a way to enhance!

So when you get to the floor,
And you want to do more,
Just glide.
Just glide.
And when you're rocking to the core,
And you want the people to adore.
Just glide.
Just glide.
Dancing is no chore,
It's the pursuit of something more.
So just GLIDE!
Don't hide. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2016

Happy St. Patrick's day one and all,
Have a great day,
Have a ball.

Bring all your friends to the park for some fun.
With races and chases,
Until you're totally all done.

Then off to a party and dancing till dawn.
And don't forget singing,
Some horribly off-tune song.

Until you can't possibly have fun anymore,
And forget where you live,
So you sleep on the floor.

Because St. Patrick's day is quite literally too fun,
For you and your friends.
And everyone.

[Happy anniversary to my awesome parents who thought St. Patrick's day 
would make a great day to get married.]

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Three is Perfect

He was sitting among his friends and they'd heard a storm blowing in. Coming from the west, it blew cold air on his chest. There was a humming in his ear, but the sky remained clear. It was a foreboding, not knowing, if they all had a storm to fear.

But soon the warmth returned, and I think we all learned. That a cloud is a cloud, and a storm is a storm, and you should really get going if it's cold and them warm.

Because just then as they sat, out there on their mat, the sky became dark, and not one of them had a hat. The water began to fall, and it hit one and all. Covering them thoroughly, the short and the tall. 

So be prepared my friends and bring some cover. You never know when a storm will sweep in and then just hover.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Fox in the Kitten House

Cats are kitties,
And kitties are cool,
Kitties are the best.
Kitties rule.

Foxes are cute,
Small and rare,
We are ferocious,
Like a bear.

Kitties are tricky,
Sneaky and fun,
Kitties know how to play,
Jump high and run.

Foxes can be sneaky,
And clever too,
But you're right,
You're pretty cool boo.

Aww, now that's why I like you,
You cute little fox.
You are the best,
Like chocolate right out of the box.

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Day with Friends

It's Monday!
It's true,
And everything seems shiny.
Everything seems new.
I belong in the sea,
But I'm here with you.
It was pretty long trip,
But it was the least I could do.
So let's go have fun,
Let's explore the day,
And see what Monday's brought us,

Friday, March 11, 2016

Visiting Friends

Ok, it's Friday. Where's my balloon?
What balloon?
You said if I made it until Friday and nothing bad happened, that you would give me a balloon.
I did not.
Seriously. Where's my balloon?

A Promise is a Promise
If you promise me flowers.
You better cough up within hours.

If you promise me chocolate.
You better bring a lot of it.

If you promise me success,
You better do better than the rest.

But if you promise me forever,
I'm going to give you better.

I'm going to give you promises you can keep,
Like hugs every week.

Like friendship for all time,
And permanent cuts in line.

Like dinner every night,
And silliness just right.

Because a promise is a promise,
So don't squander this.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Buzzing in my Ear

A noise so soft,
So quiet and polite.
It whispers in the wind,
Hums in the night.

A flutter of wings,
A stirring in the air,
A foreboding feeling,
Let's you know something's there.

Then a flutter just above you,
A buzzing ever louder,
Makes you run like mad,
Makes you shriek and cower.

Fear the Bees!
Is what I say,
They have stingers!
And they're coming your way.

Summer 2016

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

An Ode to You

You know what?

You are brave and courageous.
You are speculator and spontaneous.
You are smart.
And you have my heart.

You are the one that saves the day.
You are the one
The one that knows what to say.

You are the guiding light,
The one that shines so bright.
You are the glue,
And I just want to be stuck with you.

You are that warm blanket on a cold night.
That cup of cocoa that's just right.

Even when things seem bad,
Even when you're really mad,
Even when there's no good be had. 
You fight for me.
And it makes me want to better than I can be.
It makes me fight you to see,
How much you mean to me.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

At the Well

Well here we are again. Getting water.
Yup, do you want to push the bucket into the well this time?
No, you can do it.

The Well

The bucket is sitting on the well,
Waiting for you and me.
It can't do the job alone,
It needs both of us you see. 

First we grab the rope, 
And pull it nice and tight,
Then we lower the bucket down,
Until its out of sight.

When the splash is heard
It's time to lift it up.
The bucket is now full again,
And I'm thirsty for a cup.

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Meeting at the Well

I'm a puff and you're a puff,
And I'll tell you when enough is enough.
We've got water to pull and a bucket that's full,
And we don't have time for silliness to rule.
Today is not the day and right now is not ok.
So let's go already, we simply cannot stay. 
Mom wants us home, back under the pink dome.
She's worried about the trouble that comes when we roam. 

But I don't wanna!!

That's tough my baby brother so gruff,
We just don't have time for this stuff.
No time to collect bugs, no time to go to Doug's
No time to even shrug!
School is in one hour, and we still need to shower,
I don't know about you, but I don't smell like a flower.
We need to grab our books, and our jackets from their hooks.
We need to get to school before our absence is mistook.
Come on come on,
Don't make me carry you across this lawn.

Fine, but tomorrow it's another story come dawn.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Bringing Home Flowers

I might not be a nice guy.
No, I mean it.
My humor might be dry.
I guess I get a little wrapped up in myself,
And maybe,
I put other people's feelings on a shelf.
I mean, it's not all doom and gloom.
I'm pretty awesome,
I really light up a room.
And there's this cool thing I do,
Oh man,  
If you saw it you'd think so too. 
Everyone pretty much loves me,
I'm irresistible,
That's why it can't be.
That you don't agree.
I mean, all respect.
But your reasoning is suspect.
It's not like I ran over your dog.
Oh... I did?
Well, I'm sure there was fog.
I mean, it's not like I ate your cake.
I DID!?!
Oh for goodness sake.
Well, I mean there must be at least one thing,
That makes me the king.
At least I don't sting,
Yeah, King.
That has a nice ring.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Owl Intentions

What do I want to do today?
Hmmm, let's see....

I want to eat a bunch of mice.
I  want to circle the house thrice.
I want to hoot hoot hoot,
Like an off-tune flute.
I want to fly all over town,
Wearing my feathers like a crown.
And creep up on people in the night,
Just to give them an awful fright.
I want to go crazy!
First thing the morning
When the air is still all hazy.
And then I want to sleep all day,
Because hey,
I'm an owl.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Another Happy Day

I'm headed out to explore!
I'm going to look for treasure and more
Maybe hidden prizes or hidden gold,
Behind a castle, hidden under mold.
I'm going to fight a dragon and then make friends,
I'm going to follow the yellow path, 'till I reach the end.
I'm going to meet a princess for dinner,
And the prince for lunch.
I'm going laugh a lot, I'm going laugh a bunch.
I'm going to discover new lands,
And a pond or two.
And I really want to go,
With you.

[That's one fine elephant don't you think? You could have one you know.. it's true. Just check out my Etsy store and you'll see a lot of cool things.]

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Afternoon Picnic

I brought one plate and a cup for my tea,
You were not invited.
It was supposed to be just me.

But it's March and it's warm,
Look, the sky's sunny, 
No storm.

I was supposed to be alone,
Enjoying the weather on my own.
Please please, won't you go home?

No no, this will be fun,
I brought cupcakes and cookies,
Won't you have one?

I don't want cookies or pies,
Or candies, oh my.
No no! Why can't I me alone, Why?

Because it's a beautiful sunny afternoon,
So just be nice and make room.

You're a nice friend, I like you a lot.
But honestly. I will not.
I was here first and I wanted to be alone,
To relax and think about home.
I have the busted wing you see,
And so there will be no flying for me.
I just want to watch the clouds drift by,
And maybe, every so often, sigh.
So please, friend, caring pal,
Would you please go to some other locale?

Ok, I shall.

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