Monday, February 1, 2016

Pony in the Big City

I don't know why we're here.
You mean existentially or like here here?
On this spot, here! Whey are we here?
Oh, well, because this is where the bus stops.

We're in the city, been here all day.
We went to the library and caught a play.
We met a lot of people and rode the bus.
But honestly, you should't make a fuss.
We followed the rules and stayed off the street.
We kept our eyes up and moved our feet.
We went with traffic and even caught a cab,
We went out for tea, it was sooo not drab.
We had a picnic in the park,
And played a game of Frisbee until it was dark.
We caught the subway just before dawn,
Before all the good seats were gone.
And we went back home after a long long day.
And slept the next day away. 
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