Friday, February 5, 2016

Breakfast Plans

I was supposed to bring cheese,
And a slice of bread!
I know you wanted toast,
But you brought be NOTHING instead?

I kind of overslept.
That's hardly an excuse.
I was up late last night.
You were having fun! Don't be so obtuse.

I'm sure you were pretty excited.
I've been waiting here for hours!
And I know I messed up really bad.
You should have brought flowers.

So next time I'll make sure.
And chocolate, seriously.
To set my alarm and wake up on time.
Ok fine, I forgive you...mysteriously.

Thanks good buddy, you're truly the best.
Let's just go to a diner.
Oh yeah, Chuck's Pancake house.
When you're starving, there's nothing finer. 

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