Monday, February 22, 2016

A Weekend of Green

Through the dirt, peeks up,
A little sparkle of sunset.
A few petals here or there,
A green peak or two to spare. 
It's a small taste of spring,
Before we get the full thing.
A little whisper of good weather,
To help us break that tether,
That a wet cold winter makes.

A feeling of joy,
The smile of a small boy.
The laughter of spring,
So much better than most things.
The smell of new growth,
A few flowers for us both.
The spring isn't too far away,
If we can just stay warm a few more long days.

And then the sun will burst,
It's rays warming the earth.
And the dirt so frozen and cracked,
Will burst with life, where before it lacked.

The spring is coming. 
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