Friday, February 12, 2016

A Kissing Fish's Wish

It's just two days until Valentine's Day 
And I have something to say.
I miss my friend!
I miss their happiness and their grin.
I miss all the fun we would get in.
And now it's time
When we would have laughed over wine.
When we would have shared stories,
Of old glories,
And joked about life in our forties.
But they're not here!
And I'm alone this year.
It's not fair and so I declare,
No Valentine's Day so there.
No, I mean it this time,
Just drop your candies and flowdare
ers so fine.
No I don't care,
Don't you dare!!
Valentine's day, that's no fair.
You know I can't resist your puppy dog stare.

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