Friday, February 26, 2016

A Friday Soiree

Did you just get here?
No, I spent the day.
What here?
Yeah, it was nice.
Jennifer, you are so wonderful.

I was headed to meet a friend.
Yes a friend, hold on. Let me begin again.
I was headed to the lake,
I was.. yes, the lake! Oh for goodness sake.
You know you interrupt a lot,
And I am just NOT
Going to put up with that lot.
Please hush, or shush,
Or gosh,
just shhhhhh!!!!

You know, there are a lot people in the world,
And most will get your lip curled,
And your fangs out,
And many - INCLUDING YOU - will make you shout.
But there'll be that one.
Where life with them is just fun.
And easy,
Where all things are extra cheesy.
And you laugh at the silly.
And they cheer you up when life gets a bit hilly.
And that one,
Well, they're better than the sun.
Better than getting an A.
Better than any dumb soiree.
Because they're forever
And they will never,
Stop thinking you're clever.

[Happy Friday!! everyone.]
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