Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Day By the Lake

Daddy, come swimming!
In a sec sweety.

In the shadows lurks two silly gnomes,
They should really stop and go home. 
I can see them quite clearly,
And it's good I love them dearly,
Because sneaking and peeking,
Is good reason for some ear tweaking.
Don't do that!
Don't spy.
Being nosy isn't nice, guys.

If you want to play,
Come along with us one day.
You're invited every time
So no reason to turn to crime.
We can play Marco Polo,
And I don't know.
Have a picnic or snacks,
And just relax.

Now head home,
And don't again roam.
Stop stooping to snooping,
And instead, start joining our grouping.
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