Monday, February 29, 2016

Alien Apologies

Listen, I don't want to pester.
I don't want to bug.
But I don't think we can take this problem
And sweep it under the rug.

We need to face this issue,
And not wipe it with a tissue,
We need to talk about it.
How I didn't mean to dis you.

I was just talking my talk
Because I couldn't find my sock
I thought you'd stolen it,
But really I'd lost it under that rock. 

You were nice and you didn't complain.
But I was mean and probably looked insane.

I'm sorry. I am.
And I'll do all that I can.

To make it up to you.

Friday, February 26, 2016

A Friday Soiree

Did you just get here?
No, I spent the day.
What here?
Yeah, it was nice.
Jennifer, you are so wonderful.

I was headed to meet a friend.
Yes a friend, hold on. Let me begin again.
I was headed to the lake,
I was.. yes, the lake! Oh for goodness sake.
You know you interrupt a lot,
And I am just NOT
Going to put up with that lot.
Please hush, or shush,
Or gosh,
just shhhhhh!!!!

You know, there are a lot people in the world,
And most will get your lip curled,
And your fangs out,
And many - INCLUDING YOU - will make you shout.
But there'll be that one.
Where life with them is just fun.
And easy,
Where all things are extra cheesy.
And you laugh at the silly.
And they cheer you up when life gets a bit hilly.
And that one,
Well, they're better than the sun.
Better than getting an A.
Better than any dumb soiree.
Because they're forever
And they will never,
Stop thinking you're clever.

[Happy Friday!! everyone.]

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Little Waiting

Through the wind and hail,
I battled and prevailed.
I walked through dust and dirt,
And lost my shoes and shirt.
But now I stand,
By this lake in this land.
Where my friend is coming,
To do a little sunning.
And we'll gossip and play
And spray water about while we say
"It's spring!"
Time to enjoy these things.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bee so Fine

Oh bee, you are so fine.
Bee so wonderful, like a clementine.
I love the time we spend by this tree,
Just hanging out, you and me.
Do you think it'll be like this for all time?
I hope so. I'm glad you're mine.

I love you too, but I'm not yours.
I'm here because it's you I adore,
But please remember, that I'm mine own,
And if you annoy me, I'll go roam.
But yes, I'd be glad to be here each day and year,
To listen to you say nice things my dear.

That's all I ask,
My wonderful sassafras.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Day By the Lake

Daddy, come swimming!
In a sec sweety.

In the shadows lurks two silly gnomes,
They should really stop and go home. 
I can see them quite clearly,
And it's good I love them dearly,
Because sneaking and peeking,
Is good reason for some ear tweaking.
Don't do that!
Don't spy.
Being nosy isn't nice, guys.

If you want to play,
Come along with us one day.
You're invited every time
So no reason to turn to crime.
We can play Marco Polo,
And I don't know.
Have a picnic or snacks,
And just relax.

Now head home,
And don't again roam.
Stop stooping to snooping,
And instead, start joining our grouping.

Monday, February 22, 2016

A Weekend of Green

Through the dirt, peeks up,
A little sparkle of sunset.
A few petals here or there,
A green peak or two to spare. 
It's a small taste of spring,
Before we get the full thing.
A little whisper of good weather,
To help us break that tether,
That a wet cold winter makes.

A feeling of joy,
The smile of a small boy.
The laughter of spring,
So much better than most things.
The smell of new growth,
A few flowers for us both.
The spring isn't too far away,
If we can just stay warm a few more long days.

And then the sun will burst,
It's rays warming the earth.
And the dirt so frozen and cracked,
Will burst with life, where before it lacked.

The spring is coming. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Two Buddies in the Fog

Two friends in the mist,
Hanging together, like brother and sis.
Telling stories and tales,
With adventure and grizzly details. 
Like running from disaster,
And filling the halls with laughter.
Like building forts,
In far off resorts.
Far in the woods,
Where adventure is understood. 
Two friends sitting all day.
Sharing stories of how crazy they play. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Climbers Tail

One for leverage,
Two for charm,
Three is chaos, they'll all come to harm.

One for leadership,
Two for poise,
Three is annoying and will make noise.

One to inspire,
Two to cheer,
Three to do something stupid with totally no fear.

One to hug the other,
Two to hug you.
Three to join in because we love you boo.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Just Another Day

Oh Ben, I just don't know. Do you think I should buy that bicycle I've had an eye on?
Is it red? You should always take a chance on red.

Just another day.
Another day far away from the regular games we play.
A day to be.
With me.
A day to explore and look for more in the great outdoors.
To search the crannies of the woods, 
And laugh at the bad and the good.
To get lost once or twice.
Just with you.
Wouldn't that be nice.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

High Expectations

My cutie, my baby, my snuggles, my son.
I'm proud to show you off to everyone.

My booboo, my cuddles, my zuzu, my bun,
I don't think I can stop till I'm all done.

My love, my wonderful, my cheer, my glad,
When you're around, I am never sad.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Red Carpet Ready

My hair's a bit fuzzy,
My shoes a little scuffed,
But I showed up for the party,
Isn't that enough?

My dress is ripped,
And there's a stain or too,
But I'm here on time,
And I'm here to support you.

I didn't bring a gift,
And my date's being rude,
But I came when I didn't want to,
So this is the best that I could do dude.


Friday, February 12, 2016

A Kissing Fish's Wish

It's just two days until Valentine's Day 
And I have something to say.
I miss my friend!
I miss their happiness and their grin.
I miss all the fun we would get in.
And now it's time
When we would have laughed over wine.
When we would have shared stories,
Of old glories,
And joked about life in our forties.
But they're not here!
And I'm alone this year.
It's not fair and so I declare,
No Valentine's Day so there.
No, I mean it this time,
Just drop your candies and flowdare
ers so fine.
No I don't care,
Don't you dare!!
Valentine's day, that's no fair.
You know I can't resist your puppy dog stare.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Love Is Closer Than You Think

You leave dishes in the sink. 
I'm not a fan of the way you blink.
You tell really awful jokes.
Your love of baseball is a hoax.
You sneeze all the time.
Remember? Even at the smell of lime!

You .. hm. You do make me dinner and dessert
And you stopped wearing that ugly shirt.
And ok, fine, you bought that doll I helped design.
And then you showed everyone and said it was mine.
Fine!! I love you all the time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Lovely Day

On a sunny day, two friends meet.
They're having breakfast
And something sweet.
A chocolate, or a lemon tart,
Something delicate,
Something a la carte. 

It's a celebration you see,
Between her and me.
We're celebrating our friendship,
Over omelets and tea.

It was only a few years ago, 
That we first met.
I jumped into a lake and I got her all wet. 
She could have been mad,
Should have if you asked me.
But she wasn't, she actually laughed with glee.

The years have passed,
And we've gotten into plenty of fights.
But friendship is forever,
You can't put out those lights.
So we carry on with fondness and joy.
And we celebrate each day, 
And try not to annoy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Another Lazy Day

I watched the sun set, and then rise.
I stayed up all night and I don't know why.
I wasn't tired, wasn't sleepy,
But now I'm exhausted and probably look creepy.
My bed was so soft, my pillow just right.
But I just tossed and turned all night.
I stared at the sky and counted the stars.
One really close one, and a bunch really far.
I practiced my breathing and relaxed my whole body,
But I never fell asleep and now feel shoddy. 
My arms are so heavy, my face so numb,
Tell me Jill, will I every overcome?

Ben, they started construction last night.
You were probably being awoken by the frightful sight.
Of people digging up the trees with all their might.
It'll be a few more days,
But soon they'll go away.
And then you can sleep all day. 


Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Roundup

I sat on the couch both days.
I sat and I watched tv while the kids played
I ate chips and drank soda,
Now I feel fat and look green like yoda. 
I just wanted to unwind.
But unwinding took so much time. 
Now it's back to work again.
And I've got to get out of this funk I'm in.
I tried a cold shower and hot bath,
I tried a crossword and difficult math.
I tried yoga and Pilates,
Running and karate.
But nothing works.
Guess I just might go berserk.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Breakfast Plans

I was supposed to bring cheese,
And a slice of bread!
I know you wanted toast,
But you brought be NOTHING instead?

I kind of overslept.
That's hardly an excuse.
I was up late last night.
You were having fun! Don't be so obtuse.

I'm sure you were pretty excited.
I've been waiting here for hours!
And I know I messed up really bad.
You should have brought flowers.

So next time I'll make sure.
And chocolate, seriously.
To set my alarm and wake up on time.
Ok fine, I forgive you...mysteriously.

Thanks good buddy, you're truly the best.
Let's just go to a diner.
Oh yeah, Chuck's Pancake house.
When you're starving, there's nothing finer. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Gnomish Picnic in the Park

Al and Angela were sitting in the park.
The cold wind was blowing, 
And it was beginning to get dark.

It'd been a long day,
A long day in the park.
Running with puppies,
Little Benji and Mark.

Al had a great time,
Just sitting in the sun,
Angela read a book,
And they both had lots of fun.

Lunch was bread
And a bit of cheese,
They spent time picking flowers,
But it made Angela sneeze.

It was a great day,
A great date in the park.
Picking flowers and reading,
With puppies Benji and Mark.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday Sneaks Up On You

Hey Sis, don't look now, but I feel something's amiss.
Yeah, I  know how you feel. It's like we're not in on the deal.
Like there's something coming, a slow simming drumming.
It's a buzzing in my ear, but it's not fear.
Anticipation! That's what's causing this elation.
I can feel it now, it's making my heart beat, pow pow.
It's getting louder still, a slow march over the hill.
I'm so excited! I just can't fight it.
Friday! It's only TWO DAYS AWAY!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bug So Proud

Hey Bug! I haven't seen you in forever, what have you been up to?

I've been stomping my feet!
Scaring all that I meet.
I've been going around town,
Showing everyone my frown.
I've been flying up high,
Glowering at people from the sky.
I've been busy my friend,
I've got unhappiness to send.

See this face?
This face is not commonplace.
It the face of Mean,
And when it's seen.
You should run for cover
Or else be scared out of your spleen. 

I'm no bug to be challenged
No bug to play nice.
I cheat when I'm losing,
And I'll cheat more than twice.

Well, ok then. Let's see that frown. Aww, that's a nice frown.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Pony in the Big City

I don't know why we're here.
You mean existentially or like here here?
On this spot, here! Whey are we here?
Oh, well, because this is where the bus stops.

We're in the city, been here all day.
We went to the library and caught a play.
We met a lot of people and rode the bus.
But honestly, you should't make a fuss.
We followed the rules and stayed off the street.
We kept our eyes up and moved our feet.
We went with traffic and even caught a cab,
We went out for tea, it was sooo not drab.
We had a picnic in the park,
And played a game of Frisbee until it was dark.
We caught the subway just before dawn,
Before all the good seats were gone.
And we went back home after a long long day.
And slept the next day away. 
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