Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I would say that I was happy to see you, but I think we're past that.
Don't like that Earl, your best friend.
No no, don't be nice to me now. That won't help you.
I'm an Elephant Earl! I need peanuts. How was I supposed to know those were your "SPECIAL" peanuts? please please please forgive me.
Fine, whatever. I'm not inviting you over for dinner anymore.

Saying Sorry

I like to think that I say sorry in a very dignified way.
But yeah, don't believe a word I say.
I dodge and weave, duck and run
Anything under the sun.
Just to get away from that scary thing.
"I'm sorry", has an icky terrifying ring.
I'll fake the flu, get a tattoo,
Hide for hours in the loo.
Just to avoid you.
I'll join a running club, get a back rub,
Call in a sub,
Just to hide from you bub.
But I still love you, I still care,
But honestly, saying sorry isn't fair.
Just forgive me like you always do,
And I'll be your friend again, just like new.
Ins't that better than all those things I have to do,
Just to avoid saying sorry to you?

Fine, sorry.
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