Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Santa on Holiday

How was your New Years?
A gift. You?
Eh, people kept finding rainbows. I was running around all day hiding my pot of gold candy.

Santa is on vacation and it's a wonderful thing,
He's relaxing on the beach while you look for that toy he didn't bring.
So he missed one or two, it's no reason to be blue.
Santa will make it up to you.
Next year will be bigger and better,
He'll bring popcorn in sour cream and cheddar.
And there will be snow and ice
And all that great stuff that's nice.
So let him relax and soak up some rays,
And then I'll crack the whip, 'cause there's no time to play.
There are presents to buy, gifts to make,
Kids to keep track of, because Christmas isn't fake.
(says me, that's who)
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