Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bringing in the Sunshine

Hi Flo!
Mike! I'm so glad we ran into you. Can we borrow your boat?
Why do you need a boat?
It's not for us. It's for our pet fish.

Ahh Sunshine
Sweet Sunshine.
A few more days and you'll be all mine. 
No sharing you with everyone,
No no, soon you and I will be one.

We'll sail away to parts unknown.
We'll wonder forever, but never alone.

We'll watch you cross the sky
And I'll clap and cheer as you go by.
And then we'll rest for another night.
Until tomorrow and your flight.

We'll play cards and stare at the stars.
And eat a dinner of lobster and energy bars.

Forever and ever
For all time we'll endeavor
To be together.

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