Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Another Day to Remember

I was just going for pie
When a woman screeched "Oh my Oh my!"
I didn't know why
But I followed her eye to the sky.

There, way at the top,
Standing on the roof with a mop,
Was Kyle whining and crying for a cough drop.
Everyone was asking him to stop.
But he just whimpered again and pointed to the shop.

So there I went, running to the store,
Buying Kyle some more.
And finally he got down to the floor.
Everyone was very thankful and went about their chores.
And me? I headed next door,
My favorite place, the bookstore.

But Kyle followed me in,
And it was a such a time to get rid of him.
Don't look at me like that Ben!
I was nice until he asked if I wanted to go for a swim.
Then I lied and said I was headed to the gym.

So we parted.
And that's how my day today started. 

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