Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Pop of Color

Listen, I'm all for spring and getting my hair cut and going out and buying shorts and tank tops and planning summer vacation, but do there HAVE to be flowers? I mean, too ostentation!, right? Don't you think they're trying to hard?

Spring in two months will be a joy,
But not for every girl and boy.
People are allergic to all that jazz,
And flowers are the worst that spring has.

Flowers smell and it doesn't go away.
It follows you throughout the day.

And it doesn't dim and fade with time.
No, it gets worse, kind of like this rhyme.

It gets in your hair and on your nose,
It tickles your olfactories and makes your eyes close.

The sneeze is the worst and it doesn't always come,
But lingers and tickles and makes your nose run.

It's the worst, it's awful, it can only get worse.
So PLEASE keep your perfume in your purse.

Don't spray it, don't share it, don't bring it to work.
And don't bring flowers either, or I'll go berserk. 

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