Friday, January 29, 2016

A Dinosaur Is Coming to Town

So yeah, I'm a dinosaur. I'm a giant prehistoric reptile and I snore. You want to hear more? 
I'm a thing of lore. I scare all the people that I adore, and when they cry "no more, no more." I stomp my feet on the floor. I am a thing to fear for sure.

You don't believe me? 

That can't be true. I'm a dinosaur, big and blue. I sneak around town looking for mischief to do.  My best friend is the rhinoceros at the zoo... Lou. He'll tell you I'm scary too. I go it alone, sneaking into people's homes. Just to eat their bologna and use their phone. You shouldn't wonder where I roam.

You don't believe me. Seriously? 

I'm a dinosaur!! Need I say more? I have big prehistoric teeth and a prehistoric ROAR! Trust me when I come visit you, I won't be knocking at the door. I'll be too tall to see, and sneaky to the core. You should be taking me seriously, but you're acting like I'm a bore. That's not the way to treat a dinosaur. 

Fine, I'm leaving. You're being mean and now I'm seething. Look! My chest is heaving! I don't like the attitude I'm receiving. I'm going home, you, you - so unbelieving!
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