Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Lights Are Up

Wow, this is pretty spectacular
Thanks, that mean a lot.
Sure. I was just going to kick catnip around, but now. Now I might need to get some dead mice.

The Lights Are Up

The lights are up,
The bows are hung,
The cookies are out,
The work is all done.

The tree is chosen,
The tinsel applied,
The presents are wrapped,
The food is all fried.

The pie is baked,
The turkey is roasting,
The stockings are hung,
The chestnuts are toasting.

The mistletoe is hanging,
I've got ice cream chilling,
I need to find the chips,
And the dip for the filling.

The invitations went out,
People are starting to arrive,
It will be a great party,
Or I'll be happy to survive.

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