Friday, December 11, 2015

Sometimes a Molehill is a Mountain

Get up there, we're going to miss it.
I'm trying!! If I could just. get. my foot...up
Just do it already!
Do you want to try this? Because I'll be happy to step aside.
Just go.

That Molehill

Climbing up rather than down.
Makes me unhappy
Makes me frown.
It's just so steep! And horribly rocky.
Why did I think I could do this?
I was obviously too cocky.
I need to fake an injury,
Lest I begin to cry,
This hill is a monster,
If I fall I might die.
Oh no! Watch out!
There's a mouse screeching angrily 
And looking about.
It might see me and attack,
I better not risk it,
I better turn back.
But look how far I made it!
I was nearly to the top.
See, I knew I could do it,
So I should just stop.

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