Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Don't Hide in the Dark

Once upon a time,
A few bunnies were getting out of line,
They were looking for their friend,
They were running out of time. 

The day was getting dark, 
And on a lark,
They decided to play hide-and-seek at the park.

All were lost in a see of green,
In the fading dusk, none could be seen.

One by one they each found home.
But one was left to roam.

So out I went,
With a flashlight I was sent,
To find the lost bunny so his friends would be content.

I looked high and low
And wouldn't you know?
I found him right away, holding his elbow
And walking slow.

He'd run into a tree,
And hit his knee.
Poor kid, he'd gotten scared and tried to flee.

So I brought him back
And he had a snack,
And now he's ok, he's a luck guy that Jack.
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