Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Little Over Prepared

For Suzie, a truck in yellow and red,
For Ben, a bat and a helmet for his head.
For Becky, a dress in the smoothest silk,
For Kelly, some cookies and a glass of milk.
For Zeda, a warrior's bow and arrow,
For Joey, a birdhouse for his pet sparrow.
For CC, a doll pretty in pink,
For Jonah, karaoke so he can lip sync.
For Alli, some paints and paper to draw on,
For Caleb and Kevin, matching sweatshirts to don.
For Nathan, a game for the Xbox this time,
And for Anna, a new doll to hug at bedtime.

Such good little kids deserve all that is nice,
They are the sweetest and one present won't suffice.
Two days to go, I'm running out of time.
So many presents to wrap and the clock's about the chime. 
Off to the store to buy one more,
And below the tree, to litter the floor. 
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