Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Visiting with Old Friends

What are you now? 500?
I'm 26 Guffry.
Oh yeah, I'm thinking of your dad.
My dad's 226.
Ha! Was a bit off there wasn't I?

How Old Are You?

When I was young I was smart.
Quick from the start.
But when your old you're overdone,
And people treat you like you're no fun.
I can laugh, I can cry, 
I watch TV and eat pie
I know Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus,
I don't still write letters on papyrus.
Give an old person a break,
We're pretty fun, It's not all fake. 
And we get discounts at the zoo,
At restaurants too.
So we'll save you money going out.
Seriously, we carry clout.
So bring us along!
Will prove you're having fun all wrong.

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