Monday, November 23, 2015

In Preparation for the Holidays

Did you pack your bags?
Dad, I don't think we should run. This IS Turkey day after all. Let's stick it out.
You're not worried? 
No, I have a secret weapon.
What's that?
Atomic gravy. I've been eating chile for weeks.

Thanksgiving is in just a few days,
And this year, I'm getting my way.
I'm getting the stuffing just right,
And my brothers have been warned not to fight.
The turkey is soaking in brine,
And I just got my shipment of wine.
Mom's promised to help cook,
And my center piece has just the right look.
This year I've got it in the bag,
And not to brag,
But I even picked up fancy pie!
Because I can't bake, no lie.
I'm a terrible baker.
And I don't care, I'll be a faker.
They can all BELIEVE I cooked it,
And it'll be a hit.
Because my friend Nancy is the real deal,
All her pies are like a baker's ideal.
So moist and yummy
And just the right amount of crumbly.
Oh man, I really need to go put some in my tummy. 
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